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exploring the instrument, creating new sounds, pushing the limits


Harp Arrangements & Experiments

In my attempt to discover more about this instrument, I have arranged a lot of music for the instrument non-traditional songs ranging from hard rock to pop.  


Harp Workshops

To aid composers to learn more about writing for the harp, my extensively researched handout and presentation details the ins and outs of navigating this instrument. I have conducted workshops for the student composers at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Berklee College of Music and the Boston Conservatory. I have also worked with composers such as Federico Chavez-Blanco to premiere and record their new works.

Here is a link to view the handout

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The Harp Quarterly

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The Harp Quarterly aims to be a platform for all harpists in Singapore to gather and make music together. I am not only a founding member of Singapore's premiere harp quartet, but also the arranger of music for THQ. 

Notable arrangements premiered include Harry Potter Medley, A Holly Jolly Christmas and La Vie en Rose.

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